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(Genetics, Blood, Hair, Saliva, Urine, Stool)
Since 1981, Dr. Smith has maintained a successful track record of over 90% in helping clients, in over 37 U.S. States & seven international countries, improve their health no matter what their concerns, such as...

  • Increase Energy
  • Clear Skin
  • Improve Hair Quality and Quantity
  • Obtain and Manage Ideal Weight
  • Balance Hormones (Female / Male)
  • Enhance Libido  
  • Strengthen Nails, Spine, Wrists, Ankles, Joints, Muscles and Body Systems, Ex: Immune System 
  • Restore Over-All Organ/Gland Function - Such As Brain, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas, Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidneys, Thyroid, Intestines, etc.
  • Improve Sports Endurance and Performance
  • Prevent/Reverse Disease Processes.


My annual GYN appointment for 14-years showed no change in my Fibroids. 13 Months of Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy they were gone. Clinical Nutrition did in 13 months what medicine could not do in 14 years.

(Fibroids) Teresa, 55 yrs., Olney, TX.

For 10 years I suffered with 40 bouts of Diarrhea every day. I saw many M.D.s, R.D.s, N.D.s, and Herbalists, locally, in Dallas, at the Mayo Clinic. I thought I had tried everything. Then my last physician referred me to Dr. Smith. Within one month, I had improved from 40 to 10 bouts daily; and at two months, I no longer had daily Diarrhea.

(Diarrhea) Karen, 53 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX.

My daughter, MaryAnn (9 yr.) suffered from 22 symptoms, including ADHD, lack of focus, inappropriate behavior, headaches, fatigue, achy joints and muscles from head to feet. After one month of Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, all symptoms had improved from 20-100%; at two months, 17 of the 22 had improved 100% and 5 improved 90%. By 3rd month, 21 of the 22 had improved 100% and the last one had improved to 90%. By 4th month 22 of 22 symptoms had improved 100%.” MaryAnn said, ”Mommy, I got my Happy back.

(ADHD & arthritis) Shawna, Wichita Falls, TX.

At 25 years, I suffered from premature grey. After 3 months in Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, my new hair growth was my natural hair color.

(Premature Grey) Brook, 25 yrs., New York, NY.

I have had a head of white hair for 10 years, now my hair is growing in dark.

(Hair Color Restoration) Sybil, 65 yrs, Lawton, OK

A year after having one breast removed due to cancer, I was determined to not lose the other one. With Dr. Smith’s help I succeeded. I wish I had found Dr. Smith first.

(Breast Cancer) Mary, 57 yrs.,m Wichita Falls, TX

I suffered from an enlarged prostate, swollen testicles and erectile dysfunction. After three weeks in Clinical Nutrition Therapy, my pain left when the inflammation and swelling abated; my prostate and testicles returned to their normal size and my ED was functioning in three months.

(enlarged prostate & ED) Dennis, 76 YRS., Henrietta, TX.

For years, I suffered with a golf-ball size Goiter on the right side of my neck. After one month of Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, it began to shrink; in 6 months it was gone.

(Goiter) Peggy, 41 yrs., Wichita Falls TX.

I was bent over with severe pain from gall stones. In the first hour of Dr. Smith’s 3-Hr. Gall Stone Detoxification Therapy, I was pain free. Dr. Smith saved me from losing my Gall Bladder.

(Gall Stones) Reverend James, 45 yrs., Lawton, OK.

“In the two years prior, I had been hospitalized 17 times for Bronchitis and Pneumonia, but not once since starting Clinical Nutrition Therapy.”

(COPD) Roy, 54 yrs., Nocona, TX.

“After several decades of alcohol and drug abuse, my physician diagnosed me with Cirrhosis and Hepatitis C. My medical prognosis was 6-12 months to live when my brother referred me to Dr. Smith. In the first six weeks on Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, my viral blood count dropped from 6.5 million to 2.5 million. If not for Dr. Smith’s Therapy, I would have died, instead of thriving as I am today.”

(CIRRHOSIS & HEPATITIS C) Janie, 49 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX.

My Chiropractor diagnosed me with Bone Spurs in my neck. A few months after starting Clinical Nutrition Therapy, they are gone.” 
“Dr. Smith helped us too – My left heel spur is gone," reports Esther.  "My right heel spur is gone,”  reports June.

(Bone & Heel Spurs) Terry, 71 yrs., June, 48 yrs., Esther, 43 yrs., TX.

Before Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Skin Therapy, I had 11 Skin Conditions and the 11th was wrinkles. At 52, I looked like multiple tracks crossing in a railroad yard. In one month, 7 of the 11 conditions had improved. My Dermatologist said I was growing new healthy skin under the damaged skin.  He also said, 'In my 30 years of practice, I have never seen skin that had “no Impurities,” and even the best medical skin care products affect only ¼ skin depth compared to Dr. Smith’s Skin Therapy, which has tested to improve to the cell level of all skin layers. Dr. Smith, what is your Skin Care Secret?' "

(Skin Conditions) Melynda, 52 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX.

“I suffered with Migraines for 30 years before finding Dr. Smith. It has been almost 5 years since I finished Clinical Nutrition Therapy and am happy to report, I still have no migraines.”

(Migraines) Susie, 45 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX.

“For decades, I suffered with one bowel movement every two weeks (Ouch!), daily bouts of diarrhea and colon spasms.  My physician wanted me to have surgery, when I refused, he referred me to Dr. Smith.   Within 24 hours after starting Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, I began having daily bowel movements, after one week I had no more spasms and in one month, diarrhea was gone.  Dr. Smith’s findings from her Clinical Nutrition Analysis of my Blood Chemistry Lab Report indicated that it was my liver causing my colon symptoms, i.e., a type of chain reaction from the toxicity and dysfunction of the upper Gastro-Intestinal System having an adverse effect on my lower GI System. For decades, I had been receiving treatment for the wrong organ. All my colon symptoms were gone after detoxifying my liver and restoring Upper GI function.

(CONSTIPATION, IBS, SPASTIC COLON) Janet 29 yrs. Wichita Falls, TX.

“I had 25 symptoms, including hormone imbalance, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, low sex drive, low immunity, fatigue and over-all body pain. I thought I had tried everything before finding Dr. Smith in an internet search. I am in my 8th week of Clinical Nutrition Therapy now and 18 of the 25 symptoms have improved 100%,”

(hormone imbalance, anxiety & depression) Denise, 36 yrs., Howell, MI.

“For almost a year now, without any warning, my heart would beat so fast that my entire body shook, like I was having a seizure, except I would flop around like a fish and it was my heart, not my brain causing it.  As I was getting worse, I would have several episodes daily.  Though I saw several heart specialists, no one knew how to help me until my father referred me to Dr. Smith.  Within the first week, I stopped having daily episodes and within a month, my heart functioned normally.”

(RAPID HEART BEATS) Micki, 19 yrs., Nocona, TX.


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22 Symptoms, Gone in 4 months for 9 yr. Old MaryAnn (TX), who said, “Mommy! I Got My Happy Back!”



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"It's Best To Test Before You Buy.....Vitamins!"

Vitamin Supplement Programs for over 800 Medical Conditions - Click here for more info!


Have you wondered? What vitamins do I really need? Are my supplements really working? If so, why do I have a cupboard full of unused vitamins? Why do I think I need something more or different?

Dr. Smith provides a scientific Nutritional Evaluation and Clinical Nutrition Analysis of the Laboratory Reports from testing your biochemistry (genetics, blood, urine, hair, saliva, and stool). Clinical Nutrition Evaluations and Testing identify the exact vitamins your body needs to heal, prevent disease, and maintain optimal health for your lifetime.

"Take Time For Your Health Now or Make Time For Your Disease Later!"


Therapeutic   ♦   Health Maintenance   ♦   Personal Education

  1. Self-Therapy or Personalized Clinical Nutrition Therapy – You choose the therapy that best fits your needs!

    • Self-Therapy Services – For a minimal fee, you can design your own vitamin supplement program based on a scientific Nutritional Evaluation Report. Our cutting-edge program is based on over 60 years of research used to develop proprietary software. It includes a 14-category, biological, and biochemical questionnaire that identifies the specific research that pertains to your symptoms. Our Self-Therapy Supplement Program (STSP™) was launched in 2017 and still providing amazing results for clients. Click on the Self-Therapy  Menu Tab for details.

    • Personalized Clinical Nutrition Therapeutic Services - Dr. Smith designs your therapeutic whole food supplement program based on the findings from a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of one or more Laboratory Report (genetics, blood, urine, hair, saliva, and stool), then provides personalized telephone consultations to guide you in implementing your therapy and monitoring your improved progress. Click on the “Consultations ” and " Lab Tests ” Menu tabs for details, including consultation fees.
  2. FREE Health Maintenance "Supplement" Services  - When seeking what supplements to buy for health maintenance, why ask a salesperson, do an internet search or look in a book when you can talk to a nutritional healthcare professional for FREE?  Call Dr. Smith now at (940) 761-4045.  Click on “Supplements ” Menu Tab for details.

  3. Personal Education Programs (PEP) - Just like the Law of Gravity, there are laws or principles that govern the healthy function of the human body. Dr. Smith provides a personalized educational series of consultations and lessons on the Dietary, Lifestyle, and Mind-Body principles to guide you in everything you need to know to develop a healthy "principle-centered" lifestyle that promotes health and prevents disease.

    Since 1981, Dr. Smith’s New Client Survey has proven that even with all of the published dietary, nutritional supplement and lifestyle information online and in books, the public still only knows less than 30% of the information in Dr. Smith’s Personal Education Program (PEP).

    This means that the other 70% they need to know to develop a principle-centered healthy diet and lifestyle is unknown and unavailable to them, except through informed nutritional health care professionals, like Dr. Smith. This is the #1 reason why people are still searching.

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The First Step In My Journey From There To Here!

When I was 24, one of my roommates lent me a book on "Herbs."   I was not aware at the time that herbs and whole foods were God's medicines.   The first Herb from the book that got my attention was Yarrow, when I read Yarrow Flower Tops makes a hair rinse for blondes.   A few months after switching my commerical hair rinse to  Yarrow, the recipe below became a favorite request from the blondes in my church.  

Yarrow Hair Rinse Recipe 

(Email me for a copy of the recipe, if the link is inactive.)


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