Guessing at what you need, even with the good-intention advice of a health store or on-line vitamin salesperson, OR the author of a health book are not reliable sources for choosing the supplements that your unique body chemistry requires for therapeutic purposes.

Here’s why!

Symptoms Are Not Reliable Sources For Choosing Vitamins! Part 1 of 2

Symptoms Are Not Reliable Sources For Choosing Vitamins! Part 2 of 2

What does provide reliable data for identifying the exact supplements your body requires is a scientific Nutritional Evaluation and/or a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Laboratory Reports from testing your own biochemistry (genetics, blood, urine, hair, saliva and stool).  Testing means No Guessing!


  • What is Clinical Nutrition Lab Testing.
  • The Difference between a Clinical Nutrition and Medical interpretation of Laboratory Reports.
  • The Cause of All Symptoms!
  • Results of a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Laboratory

What is Clinical Nutrition Lab Testing?

A Clinical Nutrition Analysis of the Laboratory Testing of your biochemistry (genetics, blood, urine, hair, saliva and stool) identifies the cause of your symptoms and the nutrients your body requires to heal itself.  For example, nutrient deficiencies and toxicity in the liver and gall bladder can lead to pain on the right side of your body and/or under the shoulder blade.

Therefore, providing the therapeutic supplements that contain the nutrients your body can use to restore nutrient sufficiency and remove the toxins in the liver and gall bladder will due time restore the healthy function of the liver and gall bladder and your pain goes away naturally on its own. Otherwise, a toxic, dysfunctional liver and/or gall bladder, in time, develops liver and gall bladder diseases, such as gall stones.

A Clinical Nutrition Analysis (or interpretation) of Laboratory Tests is different than a medical interpretation, as discussed in the article above.  Where a medical interpretation of a Blood Chemistry Lab Report may indicate 1-5 abnormal medical test values; a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of the same Lab Report often indicates 15-20 abnormal nutritional test values.

A medical interpretation indicates which blood tests are disease-related or life-threatening; whereas, a Clinical Nutrition interpretation identifies:

  1. Vitamin, mineral and other nutrient deficiencies or excesses,
  2. Toxicity (poisonous substances) in the body,
  3. Biochemical imbalances,
  4. Organ, Gland and Body System Dysfunctions,
  5. — all of which are the stages the body progresses through in the development of degenerative diseases.
    (Click on the Biochemical Dynamics button below for details.)

If your physician reports that all your tests are normal and that there is no “medical” cause for your symptoms, this is Good News!  It means you have not reached the Disease Stage.  This also means the causes of your symptoms lie in one or more of the above stages that can only be identified by a Clinical Nutrition interpretation of your Laboratory Reports.


If you are only aware of a medical interpretation of your Lab Reports, you will not know what to do to prevent disease NOR how to correct the causes of your current symptoms that have not yet reached the disease stage.  

You will be amazed at what a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Lab Reports will tell you that a medical interpretation cannot!


Symptoms Can Present In Any Of These Stages, Not Just The Disease Stage.

Have you ever wondered what causes All Symptoms?  There are two fundamental causes for all symptoms:  Spiritual and Physical.

Spiritual causes result from not adhering to God’s Spiritual Laws. Unresolved Spiritual causes in time produce illness and disease. For example, the negative energy around bitterness, hate, and unforgiven can produce symptoms and disease in the areas of the body that are holding that negative energy.

Physical Causes result from violating the biological, biochemical, and other physiological laws or principles, including the law of gravity, and can cause injury, disease and death.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms result from either a Physical or Spiritual cause, or both. 

Below is a brief outline of the five different types of Physical Causes. Because Clinical Nutrition Therapy information on this website focuses on Physical Causes, please contact Dr. Smith for information on the Spiritual Causes of Symptoms and Diseases. Consultations regarding Spiritual Causes are provided FREE of charge.


 1. Biochemical Causes, which are:

     a.    Nutrient Deficiencies/Excesses and Toxicity

     b.    Biochemical Imbalances

     c.    Organ, Gland and Body System Dysfunctions.

The above represented the stages the body progresses through in the development of degenerative diseases; therefore, correcting these stages results in the body healing itself of these diseases.  For complete details on these stages, click on the button below titled, “Biochemical Dynamics of Health and Disease.”

2. Structural Causes, such as a misalignment of vertebrae that requires Chiropractic or Physical Therapy adjustments for realignment. 

However, even in these Structural Causes there is a Biochemical Cause.  In other words, if you do not have the nutrients in the Musculo-Skeletal System, i.e., within the vertebrae and the tissue around it, you will not hold these adjustments.   This is why these therapies may provide only temporary relief and you may be asked, for example, to schedule ongoing Chiropractic adjustments because you are not holding the previous adjustments and thus require re-alignments.

3. Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Causes – short- or long-term exposure to artificial electricity from home appliances, computers, televisions, cell phones, etc. has an adverse effect on the bio-electrical system of the human body, e.g., Central Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System, Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems.   Anything that adversely affects the nervous system will in time adversely affect every area of the body, starting with the weaker, more malnourished areas of the body first.  Correcting your biochemical causes also helps remedy EMF causes. More on this will be provided at consultations.

4. Injury (accidental or by abuse) – however, to completely heal, requires addressing the biochemical causes.  For example, how many older athletes can tell changes in the weather by pain in the joints that were injured in their youth?  This is evidence that these former athletes did not receive Clinical Nutrition Therapy as soon as they completed medical treatment and therefore, they did not receive the concentrated therapeutic nutrients their body required to “complete” the healing process of the injured area.

5. Hereditary Factors – even here we are often dealing with the unresolved biochemical causes of former bloodline family members that result in adverse effects on next generations.

As you can see Biochemical Causes play a role in each of the other four Physical causes of all symptoms listed above.  Click on the button below to review a chart that outlines the details of the Clinical Nutrition Stages the body goes through in the development of degenerative diseases, and the reversal of these stages is the key to restoring health.   

Without addressing your Nutritional Biochemical Causes, you will experience either temporary or no relief from using any and all other types of therapies, including medicine.

Results of a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of Laboratory Reports and the Clinical Nutrition Therapy Based On This Analysis

Correcting the findings from a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Laboratory Reports provide the opportunity to:

  1. Correct the causes of your current symptoms,
  2. Reverse any current disease pattern in process,
  3. Prevent the future development of a new disease,
  4. Replenish the body with vitamins and other nutrients that are depleted by the chemicals in drug therapy (whether prescribed, direct sale or illegal),
  5. Provide a full body detoxification of poisons and other toxic substances in your body, such as chemicals, metals, and other toxins in your air, water, food, drugs and environment and
  6. Achieve better results when using other therapies, such as Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, etc. for structural causes, because our clinical nutrition therapy provides the nutrients your body needs to be able to physically hold chiropractic adjustments, as well as sustain and maintain the results from other structural therapies.

Stop Guessing for What Supplements You Need!

Guessing Wastes Time, Money and Delays Getting
the Help Your Body Needs to Heal.

Call me today and be scientifically tested for the exact supplements your body requires!  

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Disclaimer:  Information on this website is for nutritional purposes only and not for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition, disorder, or disease.