Dear Dr. Smith,

One of the things I so appreciate about being treated by you is that you look at my body and my testing as part of an entire system, rather than something that is operating on its own.

For example, I have struggled more with my blood sugar lately.  If I went to a physician who practices Western medicine, they would look only at that one number.

I know I would be accused of doing something wrong and not taking care of myself properly.

I am so thankful that you see that higher number as a sign of my body healing and detoxing itself.

You know that I’m taking care of myself and that the number will get back to where it’s supposed to be once my body has healed itself.

I like that you understand that all our body systems are working together and that something else, which seems unrelated to most people, may have to be healed before my blood sugar will come down.

I like how your extensive understanding of how body systems work together and how the healing process works means that there is no judgment about any of my testing being “off”.

This is the only place I feel safe to share all my health concerns; and the only place where my body has found true healing.

Thank you so much for all you do to take care of your patients!



Dr. Smith’s Reply to Faith


Dear Faith L.

Words cannot express the depth at which l am touched by everything you wrote.   I have waited 40 years to receive the quality and content of the feedback you have given me.  Thank you so much, Faith, for everything you said.

Everything you said is exactly what l have always strived for in helping you and others.

Knowing that l have provided that safe, trusting, and effective healing place for you means everything to me.

Knowing that l am helping you understand your own unique healing processes and how your body works so you may work with your biological and biochemical processes and have peace and trust in these processes is very rewarding for me.

Faith, your commitment to excellence in the care of your mind and body is inspiring and your discipline in applying what you have learned through me, and will continue to grow in learning and applying this knowledge is admirable.

To work with more and more clients with your commitment and discipline has always been my goal, as well as helping those who may not be there at the onset, but who have this desire and potential to achieve.

And, Faith, thank you for helping me fulfill my mission as quoted by Winston Churchill, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” (1943)

Faith, 40 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX

My annual GYN appointment for the 14th year showed no change in my Fibroids. 13 Months of Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, they were gone.  This was verified by my gynecologist.  Clinical Nutrition did in 13 months what medicine could not do in 14 years.

Teresa, 55 yrs., Olney, TX

I had 25 symptoms, including hormone imbalance, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, low sex drive, low immunity, fatigue and over-all body pain. I thought I had tried everything before finding Dr. Smith in an internet search. I am in my 8th week of Clinical Nutrition Therapy now and 18 of the 25 symptoms have improved 100%.

(Hormone Imbalance, Anxiety & Depression)
Denise, 36 yrs., Howell, MI

For decades, I suffered with one bowel movement every two weeks (Ouch!), daily bouts of diarrhea and colon spasms. My physician wanted me to have surgery, when I refused, he referred me to Dr. Smith. Within 24 hours after starting Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, I began having daily bowel movements, after one week I had no more spasms and in one month, diarrhea was gone. Dr. Smith’s findings from her Clinical Nutrition Analysis of my Blood Chemistry Lab Report indicated that it was my liver causing my colon symptoms, i.e., a type of chain reaction from the toxicity and dysfunction of the upper Gastro-Intestinal System having an adverse effect on my lower GI System. For decades, I had been receiving treatment for the wrong organ. All my colon symptoms were gone after detoxifying my liver and restoring Upper GI function.

(Constipation, IBS, Spatic Colon)
Janet, 29 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX

I suffered with Migraines for 30 years before finding Dr. Smith. It has been almost 5 years since I finished Clinical Nutrition Therapy and am happy to report, I still have no migraines.

Susie, 45 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX

Before Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Skin Therapy, I had 11 Skin Conditions and the 11th was wrinkles. At 52, I looked like multiple tracks crossing in a railroad yard. In one month, 7 of the 11 conditions had improved. My Dermatologist said I was growing new healthy skin under the damaged skin. He also said, “In my 30 years of practice, I have never seen skin that had  no Impurities, and even the best medical skin care products affect only ¼ skin depth compared to Dr. Smith’s Skin Therapy, which has tested to improve to the cell level of all skin layers. Dr. Smith, what is your Skin Care Secret?”

(Skin Conditions)
Melynda, 52 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX

My Chiropractor diagnosed me with Bone Spurs in my neck. A few months after starting Clinical Nutrition Therapy, they are gone.
“Dr. Smith helped us too – My left heel spur is gone,” reports Esther.  “My right heel spur is gone”  reports June.

(Bone & Heel Spurs)
Terry, June, Esther, 71 yrs., 48 yrs., 43 yrs., TX

After several decades of alcohol and drug abuse, my physician diagnosed me with Cirrhosis and Hepatitis C. My medical prognosis was 6-12 months to live when my brother referred me to Dr. Smith. In the first six weeks on Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, my viral blood count dropped from 6.5 million to 2.5 million. If not for Dr. Smith’s Therapy, I would have died, instead of thriving as I am today.

(Cirrhosis & Hepatitis C)
Janie, 49 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX

In the two years prior, I had been hospitalized 17 times for Bronchitis and Pneumonia, but not once since starting Clinical Nutrition Therapy.

Roy, 54 yrs., Nocona, TX

For years, I suffered with a golf-ball size Goiter on the right side of my neck. After one month of Dr. Smith’s Clinical Nutrition Therapy, it began to shrink; in 6 months it was gone.

Peggy, 41 yrs., Wichita Falls, TX

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