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Why talk to a salesperson when you can talk to the doctor for FREE?  Dr. Smith provides FREE Telephone Consultations regarding Health Maintenance Services, including information about maintenance supplements.  For questions and to order, call (940) 761-4045.

Two Types of Supplements In the Nutrition Industry

Just like in the medical industry, where there are two types of pharmaceutical drugs, prescribed and over-the-counter (or direct sale) drugs, the same is true for the nutrition industry: Therapeutic Supplements are prescribed and Health Maintenance Supplements are sold directly to the public.

In the nutrition industry, however, we do not have a Nutritional Pharmacy.  Therefore, therapeutic supplements are dispensed through nutritional health care professionals, like Dr. Smith, after performing the appropriate biochemical test to identify which supplement is to be dispensed.

  1. Therapeutic Supplements – these are clinically-formulated, high potency supplements dispensed by nutritional health care professionals, like Dr. Smith, to correct the abnormal findings from a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of Lab Testing.  In other words, they are formulated to restore nutrient sufficiency, biochemical balance and organ/gland function.  In the nutrition industry, you may refer to them as prescribed supplements.
  2. Health Maintenance Supplements – these are maintenance-formulated, low potency supplements to support daily nutrient requirements, maintain optimal health and prevent disease.  Health Maintenance Supplements also include supplements used for Herbal First Aid, the occasional flu and other minor home emergencies and illnesses. 

    In other words, for every over-the-counter drug, there is a Health Maintenance Supplement that works safer, is more effective, is non-toxic and has no harmful side effects. 

Three Ways Supplements are Manufactured Today 

  1. Whole Food Supplements – The ingredients are as nature made them – whole and complete.  Nothing has been added or removed, except some may be dehydrated, which is removing water only.  Dehydration does not alter the nutrient value.  

  2. Synthetic Supplements – These are synthetically-made in a Laboratory generally from non-food sources.

  3. Isolated Supplements or Isolates – These are made by isolating and then extracting a vitamin from its whole food form and then bottling the isolated vitamin.  Unfortunately, when this is done, the manufacturer leaves behind all the nutrients that makes the isolated vitamin work like a food, and now makes the vitamin a drug.


NOTE:  Synthetics and isolates are called “Nutritional Drugs.”  They are toxic, suppress symptoms, manipulate the biochemistry and cause nutrient deficiencies, just like pharmaceutical drugs.  For example: Taking a synthetic or isolated Vitamin A will in time cause Vitamin A deficiency.  Unfortunately, over 90% of the vitamins and minerals sold directly to the public are Nutritional Drugs.  Click on the button below to read Dr. Smith’s article for complete details.


Trying to treat your symptoms with over-the-counter or online, low-potency vitamins does not work!

If you have symptoms, your biochemistry is already in a “clinical” nutritional state which requires “therapeutic” not “maintenance” whole food supplements.

What is Health Maintenance?

When your auto (car or truck) is not working, you take it to an Auto Mechanic for repairs.  Think of this as taking your auto to the Auto Doctor.  Once your auto has been restored to good working order again, you do not just drive it out of the mechanic shop and never do another thing for your vehicle.

No, your vehicle requires Auto Maintenance Services and Products.  Auto Maintenance Services, like having your oil changed and Auto Maintenance Products would be like oil and gasoline.

Without Auto Maintenance, you will either be stranded on the side of the road due to an empty gasoline tank or back in the Mechanic’s Shop for more repairs.

The above is an excellent analogy for the Human Body. 

  • Dr. Smith’s Self-Therapy Supplement Program (STSP™) and Personalized Clinical Nutrition Therapeutic Services, Testing and Consultations provide what your body requires to restore it back to good working order and

  • Our Health Maintenance Supplement Services are designed to help you provide what your body requires daily, weekly, and/or periodically to “maintain” good working order and prevent disease. Good working order means your Nutritional Evaluations and Clinical Nutrition Test Results (or values) are in optimal nutritional ranges. 

What are Health Maintenance Supplements?

Health Maintenance Supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic remedies that are formulated to help you "maintain" your current state of health.  For example, whole food Health Maintenance Supplements provide your daily requirements to help you "stay" healthy and prevent disease. However, they are not potent enough to address "clinical" nutrient deficiencies at a cellular level.

Health Maintenance Supplements are low-potency and are sold directly to the consumer at walk-in and online stores.  Health Maintenance Supplements can be compared to over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical drugs, but only in sense that they are both sold directly to the public without going through a doctor, and both are low potency.

Therapeutic supplements are high potency and therefore require dispensation through their nutritional health care providers, like Dr. Smith.

However, in the clinical nutrition industry, we do not have pharmacies like the medical industry.  In the medical industry, a physician writes a prescription for a high potency drug which is filled at a pharmacy.

In the clinical nutrition industry, the nutritional health care professional, like Dr. Smith, must dispense therapeutic supplements. This is why the companies who formulate therapeutic supplements distribute their supplements only through nutritional health care professionals. High potency supplements require testing prior to dispensation and professional guidance in how to take them, as well as monitoring while on them.

To obtain high potency therapeutic supplements, otherwise, is an illegal action and Buyer Beware.  Just like you are putting your health at risk if you took someone else’s prescribed drug, you put your health at risk if you take therapeutic supplements without professional guidance. 

Think of it this way.  If you purchase a supplement over-the-counter or online and the manufacturing company knows nothing about you, they must formulate a low-potency supplement.  If they didn’t, you might have a reaction and sue them. 

The Supplement Company’s theory is that manufacturing low-potency supplements makes it safe to sell directly to the public without them having to go through a nutritional health care professional because low-potency supplements are ideal for Health Maintenance

This means that they are supposed to be formulated to provide the human body with its daily requirements to help the consumer “maintain” their current state of health.  In theory, that means that if you are relatively healthy at this time, then taking supplements sold directly to you through walk-in or online stores would be safe and help you stay healthy, as well as prevent disease.

The problem with this theory is that what is being sold directly to the public today are not nutritional supplements, but Nutritional Drugs.  

You will notice throughout this website that we use the term “whole food” supplements because Dr. Smith dispenses both therapeutic and maintenance whole food supplements.  

  • Only Whole Food Supplements (whether formulated for therapeutic or health maintenance purposes) are truly “Food Supplements.”

  • Only Whole Food Supplements can provide the nutrients the body can metabolize and utilize to heal, when "therapeutically-formulated," and to maintain health and prevent disease, when formulated for "health maintenance."

Free Health Maintenance Supplement Consultations with Dr. Smith!

Because walk-in and online vitamin stores offer free advice regarding their Health Maintenance Supplements, Dr. Smith does the same.  In other words, Dr. Smith only charges for “Therapeutic” Telephone Consultations, not Health Maintenance Supplement and Services Consultations.

So why ask a salesperson, do an internet search, or look in a book when you can talk to a professional?  Dr. Smith has a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition, is a Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), a Chartered Herbalist, and more!

No testing is required to purchase health maintenance whole food supplements and products.  Auto-Shipment is also not required unless requested.

We give you unlimited access to purchasing Health Maintenance Supplements and products so you can now stop taking nutritional drugs, i.e., synthetically-made and isolated supplements, and thus, avoid creating more toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, biochemical imbalances and organ/gland dysfunctions for yourself.  Otherwise, in due time, you will experience the symptoms of these nutritional causes and develop one or more  degenerative disease, if you have not already.

Why Dr. Smith Provides FREE Health Maintenance Services!

Dr. Smith developed her Health Maintenance Service with two goals in mind. 

  1. First, is to provide the Health Maintenance Services and Products that her therapeutic clients would need once they no longer required Clinical Nutrition Therapy.  In other words, the services and products they need to maintain the optimal healing they had attained through their Clinical Nutrition Therapy, in addition to preventing future diseases.
  2. Knowing that the vitamin and mineral supplements sold directly to the public today are synthetically-made or isolates, which includes herbal products with vitamins and minerals in them, Dr. Smith wanted to make sure that the public had a source for whole food Health Maintenance Supplements.
    Otherwise, in due time, symptoms will surface from the toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, biochemical imbalances, and organ/gland dysfunctions being caused by these Nutritional Drugs, followed by developing one or more Nutritional Drug–related degenerative disease.


Click above for more information on Dr. Smith’s Health Maintenance Supplements, Products and Services. Scroll down in this redirected webpage for a three-column, alphabetically list of over 100 health conditions (from Abscess Teeth to Wounds) that can be nutritionally-supported with Health Maintenance Supplements and contact Dr. Smith for a FREE  Telephone Consultation to learn how to naturally treat short-term illnesses and injuries with safe, effective remedies and no harmful side effects. In fact your overall health is better after treatment than it was before.



  1. CALL - Just call (940) 761-4045 and schedule a “FREE" 15- or 30-minute Health Maintenance Telephone Consultation with Dr. Smith.
  2. ASK - Ask any question you want.
  3. CONSULT - Dr. Smith will then inform you of which health maintenance supplement(s) you need to accomplish your health maintenance goal.
  4. PRICE QUOTE - A quote for the cost of the supplement(s) will then be provided.
  5. ORDERING – When ready to order, you will pay only for the cost of the supplements and shipping.   The consultation is FREE.
  6. SHIPMENT - Health Maintenance Supplements will arrive within 2-4 business days within the United States; varies internationally.
  7.  REORDERS - You may then call in a re-order for these supplements whenever you want them or if you consume them monthly, you may request that we ship them to you each month, automatically, without you needing to stop to place an order.


Whenever you need short-term help to recover quickly from an illnesses (like the flu), discomforts (like a toothache) OR an injury, like a bee or spider sting OR a broken bone, give Dr. Smith a call!  For an A-Z list of the short-term illnesses, herbal first-aid and other helps included in our Health Maintenance Supplement Services, click on the button below and scroll to the three-column list at the bottom of this redirected webpage.


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Call Dr. Smith today for a scientific evaluation and/or lab test to identify the exact supplements your body requires for therapy and/or health maintenance.  

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