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Do you currently take nutritional supplements?  If not, have you been thinking about taking them?  Would you like a safe, effective and scientific way of knowing the exact supplements your body requires, their daily dosage, along with when and how to take them, e.g., at meals, on an empty stomach, etc.?  Would you like to learn how to design your own therapeutic supplement program, scientifically?

Would you like to have access to "clinically-formulated" organic whole food therapeutic supplements at a discounted price?  These are “prescribed” supplements dispensed only through nutritional health care professionals, like Dr. Donna Smith. 

If you said "yes" to the above, your solution is the Self-Therapy Supplement Program (STSP™) developed by Dr. Donna F. Smith.

Clients Report Feeling Better in 3-6 Weeks or Sooner!


This Nutritional Evaluation is based on over 60 years of scientific nutritional research by health care practitioners collected from objective clinical data, patient examinations, and blood and urine testing, which includes:    

    1. Scientific Nutritional Evaluation Report that prioritizes 14 biological categories so you know which of your organs, glands and body systems require supplementation.  For example, Adrenal and Thyroid Glands, Brain and Nervous Systems, Cardio-Vascular System, Gastro-Intestinal System (Stomach, Intestines, etc.) Female/Male Hormonal System, Pancreas (Sugar Handling), etc.
    2. List of Therapeutic Supplements - Your scientific Nutritional Evaluation indicates up to 14 biologicals areas that require supplementation and then provides a list of the exact Therapeutic Supplements for which you tested.  To assist you in designing your supplement program, a percentage score is assigned to each supplement so you know the order of priority for each supplement. Your evaluation also indicates how much to take and when to take them.  For example, at meals, on an empty stomach, etc.  You can post the sheet with this information on your refrigerator for daily reference.
    3. Recommended Supplement Description provides a brief description of the supplements recommended, e.g., purpose and benefits.

      Our therapeutic whole food supplements are clinically-formulated to provide the specific nutrients your body requires in multiple areas of the body at one time, in addition to the target areas identified by the Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Laboratory Reports.   This then can help our clients reach their health goals sooner than expected.  
    4. Updated Progress Reports - indicate which areas are improving and still need supplementation and which are healed and no longer require supplementation.

    5. Dietary Plans, Cookbook and Checklists  - Checklists for what to eat and what to avoid, Phase I and Phase II Dietary Plans for Balancing Your Body Chemistry, Cookbook with Yummy Recipes, Environmental Tips, and much more to help you integrate and master basic, principle-centered healthy dietary and lifestyle practices.

    6. and lots More!


Stop Guessing for What Supplements You Need!
Guessing Wastes Time, Money and Delays
Getting the Help Your Body Needs to Heal.

Call Dr. Smith today for a scientific evaluation and/or lab test to identify the exact supplements your body requires for therapy and/or health maintenance.  

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Thank you for your interest in taking care of your body the way God designed it. Dr. Smith wants to talk to you. It is not by chance that you found our website today or that you have been searching for someone like Dr. Smith, who can truly help you.  So call Dr. Smith today, and get started on the road to healing.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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