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"Take Time For Your Health Now or Make Time For Your Disease Later!"

Grabbing vitamin bottles off the shelf and then haphazardly taking them is not the way to maintain optimal health. If this is not your approach, then you may be someone who does their best to reference the internet, books and other sources in order to make the most informed decision.

  • However, what is seriously missing in both of the above approaches, is that nutritional biochemistry is a very complex, scientific field and therefore to succeed requires the personalized and professional guidance from a nutritional health care professional, like Dr. Donna Smith.  
  • In other words, it is not as simple as just take a few vitamin and mineral supplements thinking that your body will know what to do with them.
    1.  First, your body operates from the laws that govern its healthy function, such as laws of biology, nutritional biochemistry, and quantum physics.
    2.  Second, as discussed on the Supplements webpage of this website, over 90% of the supplements sold to and consumed by the public, are “Nutritional Drugs” not food supplements.

    Your body requires “whole food” supplements to function, and knows what to do with whole food supplements when you consume them, if you are taking what you actually need, and no more or less than you need.

    Nutritional Drugs, on the other hand, are toxic, harmful and foreign to the body, so they set up a chain reaction of serious biochemical disturbances and in time become another cause and/or contributing factor in producing symptoms and developing disease.

    So if you do not currently have at least a working knowledge in all of these sciences and know how these toxic Nutritional Drugs manipulate their laws, suppress your symptoms and adversely affect your body, then in due time you will have created even more health challenges for yourself.

    However this time, the cause is not your diet, lifestyle OR chemicals and metals from pharmaceutical drugs or environmental pollutants, it is caused by your good intentions of taking supplements, or more specifically the lack of awareness that you are actually taking Nutritional Drugs.

    The enlightened today know it is important to supplement the diet.  Those who have found my website, like you, are among those whom I consider enlightened.  We live in an unprecedented time and all time low for vital foods with proper levels of vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal health through diet alone, so supplementation is required today if you expect to be and stay healthy.  However, few people taking supplements today really know what they are doing, and even fewer are aware that they are taking Nutritional Drugs.

  • Dr. Donna Smith provides a scientific Nutritional Evaluation and Clinical Nutrition Analysis of the Laboratory Reports from testing your own unique biochemistry (genetics, blood, urine, hair, saliva or stool), and from its findings, designs your Clinical Nutrition Therapy utilizing “whole food” therapeutic supplements to correct abnormal nutritional test results, which then improves your health.  She provides Telephone Consultations to guide you in exactly which therapeutic supplements you need, how much you need, when to take them and when to discontinue them.
  • Otherwise, without Clinical Nutrition Testing and professional guidance, you are taking vitamins and minerals when you don’t need them and that can cause you to have symptoms from an excessive amount of those nutrients and/or you are not taking vitamins and minerals you really do need and that can cause you to have symptoms from a deficient amount of those nutrients.


A Vitamin is A Vitamin is A Vitamin

Is A False Assumption!

There are many false assumptions about vitamin supplements these days.  A common false assumption is that all vitamins are the same so choose the bottle that has the most and cost the least.

Choosing vitamins based on this false assumption is like playing Russian Roulette with your biochemistry!

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"Three Ways Supplements Are Manufactured Today"


 Guessing at what you need even from the well-intentioned advice of a health store or on-line vitamin sales person is not reliable.

  • Only a scientific Nutritional Evaluation through our Self-Therapy Supplement Program (STSP™) and/or a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Laboratory Reports from testing your biochemistry (genetics, blood, urine, hair, saliva and stool) from a nutritional health care professional, like Dr. Smith, will provide reliable scientific data to identify which supplements your body requires.



  1. TEST

    A scientific Nutritional Evaluation is provided at the Initial Telephone Consultation to scientifically determine the severity of your symptoms in 24 to 26 biological areas of the body, depending upon gender.  Severity prioritizes the order in which each area of the body should be tested and supplemented.

    Additionally, some areas will require Lab Testing to identify the exact nutrients those areas require to heal itself and others may require only organ-gland nutritional support because the feedback from the Nutritional Evaluation is sufficient to determine supplementation.

    Then based on the findings from Step #1 above, Dr. Smith designs Therapeutic Dietary Plans and Therapeutic Whole Food Supplement Programs to provide the nutrients your body requires to heal, i.e., repair cells or grow new healthy cells to replace any that cannot be repaired. This will simultaneously reverse any disease process and restore optimal health.

    Dr. Smith will then provide personalized telephone consultations to guide you in how to implement your dietary plans and therapeutic whole food supplement programs, along with providing the Personal Education Program (PEP) you need to develop a “principle-centered” healthy lifestyle – mentally, emotionally, physically and enviromentally.

    Your improved progress is monitored through monthly telephone consultations with Dr. Smith, until no longer needed.  Progress Reporting consultations provide timely changes in the design of your Clinical Nutrition Therapy to assure continued health improvement, which also assures maximum positive results when tests are updated.

    When the Clinical Nutrition findings from periodically updating your Laboratory Tests indicates that your test results are now in optimal nutritional ranges, your health has been restored and you no longer require Clinical Nutrition Therapy.  At this time, Dr. Smith will discuss Health Maintenance Supplements, so that you can provide your daily nutritional requirements and thereby maintain the healing you have attained through Clinical Nutrition Therapy, and prevent disease.


What is Clinical Nutrition Therapy?

Clinical Nutrition Therapy consists of taking clinically-formulated therapeutic, whole food vitamins and minerals, herbs and homeopathic remedies.  Dr. Smith’s findings from your scientific Nutritional Evaluations and the Clinical Nutrition Analysis of Laboratory Reports from testing your biochemistry (genetics, blood, urine, hair, saliva or stool) identifies which of these therapeutic whole food supplements will provide the nutrients your cells need to heal, repair and/or grow new healthy cells to replace damaged cells that cannot be repaired.

Since Clinical Nutrition Therapy does not treat medical conditions, disorders or diseases, you may wonder how this therapy can help those who have chronic pain, disability or other serious medical diagnoses.

Clinical Nutrition Therapy provides the nutrients your body requires to:

  • Remove (Detoxify) Toxins from the body, such as Chemical, Metals, Pollutants, Nutrient Excesses, etc.
  • Re-Establish Nutrient Sufficiency,
  • Balance Biochemistry (balances your body’s chemistry),
  • Restore Organ, Gland and Body System Function.    

Interestingly, when the above occurs, we have observed that any pattern of disease currently present often reverses itself and the body will heal itself of even long-term medical diagnoses. 

This is because disease is actually the adverse effect from long-term toxicity, nutrient insufficiencies / excesses, biochemical imbalances and organ / gland dysfunctions.

To help you, Dr. Smith does not need to know the medical conditions, disorders or diseases you have been diagnosed with, because her focus and scope of practice in Clinical Nutrition (nutritional biochemistry) is not disease, it is health.  In other words, helping you bring your own body back to a state of health (homeostasis).

By providing the Clinical Nutrition Therapy indicated from the findings of the Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Laboratory Reports, you are receiving the exact nutrients your body needs to heal itself.  To heal itself means “to repair damaged, dead or decaying cells or grow new healthy cells to replace those that cannot be repaired.”  This is the key to restoring, maintaining and staying healthy for the rest of your life. 

The Health of the Human Body is dependent upon the State of Health of its Cells.

What is a Therapeutic Dietary Plan?

Dr. Smith’s Therapeutic Dietary Plans are “food-chemistry" based. This means “Food Chemistry” is matched to your “Biochemistry.”  In other words, when Dr. Smith is analyzing your Laboratory Reports for 1) vitamin / mineral deficiencies / excesses and toxicity, 2) biochemical imbalances and 3) organ / gland dysfunctions, she is also selecting the specific foods you need based on their food chemistry that will help nourish and balance your biochemistry.

For example, carrots are a very healthy food; however, due to the high natural sugar content in carrots, they may perpetuate a high blood Glucose level.  Therefore, Dr. Smith may have you temporarily avoid carrots until your blood Glucose level is normal. 

So Dr. Smith’s dietary plans are not just simply eat from a list of healthy foods and avoid eating from a list of unhealthy foods.  Even healthy foods can cause adverse effects when your biochemistry is out of balance.

Diet and Nutrition are Not the Same!
Are You Confused By Nutrition Today?


What is a Personal Education Program (PEP)?

Dr. Smith provides a Personal Education Program (PEP) to guide and educate you on the Dietary, Lifestyle, and Mind-Body Principles that govern the healthy function of the human mind and body.  This is provided parallel to your Clinical Nutrition Therapy.  Why?  PEP assists clients in developing a "principle-centered" lifestyle to support their optimal health once attained through Clinical Nutrition Therapy.  Thus, each client will be able to maintain their health and promote longevity once therapy is no longer required.

Personal Education Program (PEP)


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Thank you for your interest in taking care of your body the way God designed it. Dr. Smith wants to talk to you. It is not by chance that you found our website today or that you have been searching for someone like Dr. Smith, who can truly help you.  So call Dr. Smith today, and get started on the road to healing.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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